Best Gifts for BBQ Lovers: 8 Great BBQ Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for BBQ Lovers: 8 Great BBQ Gift Ideas
Best Gifts for BBQ Lovers: 8 Great BBQ Gift Ideas

Looking for unique BBQ gift ideas?

Are you currently looking for a gift for your BBQ-enthusiast friend? And now you are confused by the wide range of grilling accessories, and don’t know what to choose? This is totally OK, especially if you are not experienced in this field. We are here to help you — we have made a list of some of the best gifts for BBQ lovers, our favourite BBQ accessories and equipment. 

All you have to do is to read on to choose the one!

Best Gifts for BBQ Lovers: Our Favourites

The best grill accessories are not cheap. 

But they are so worth it! High quality tools are well-made and last very long. Check out this list of great grilling gifts for men and women. This will help you to understand what are the best options on the market right now — what are the best gifts for BBQ lovers.

1. My BBQ Table Set

Official site:

It’s time to take barbecuing to the next level.

It’s time for My BBQ Table set, one of the very best BBQ lovers gifts (for the most special people). For years it was just a dream, also our founders dream, now it’s available to everyone. My BBQ Table is an all-in-one charcoal BBQ grill table set, designed to make outdoor cooking much more social, and you as a result — a happier person. It isn’t just a table but a set. The table comes with chairs, and can comfortably seat 8 people. It’s sturdy yet elegant and will look great in every setting. It’s the set that’s built to last years. 

My BBQ Table is spacious enough for everyone to cook their favourite food. With My BBQ Table, you don’t need to sacrifice a chance to eat your favourite foods, just to make sure others are getting their favourite food. Here are a few more reasons to love My BBQ Table.

Thanks to its charcoal grill the set is cheaper than alternatives which use gas. Better value for money is just one of the reasons why people choose charcoal grills over gas grills. 

2. Electric Charcoal Grill Fire Starter

Our Pick: Looft Lighter X

Official site:

Starting a charcoal grill takes some time.

Many people use lighter fluid to start a grill, others prefer to light charcoal without lighter fluid. If you don’t want to use lighter fluid, try an electric charcoal grill fire starter like Looft Lighter X. It is by far the easiest and fastest alternative, and also one of the best gifts for BBQ lovers.

Looft Lighter X is an electric charcoal fire starter that is as effective as lighter fluid. It’s super easy to use, and all it requires is a single device. The way these things works is they use super heated air to ignite the charcoal. You keep the device very close to the coal, pointing to one spot, and wait, and that’s all. With Looft Lighter X the waiting time is only around a minute. After a minute, the charcoal is ignited and it starts to burn. Remember, that you can’t place food on the grill right away. You have to wait until the charcoal is ready — when it has turned grey.

Looft Lighter X is wireless. With one charge, you can use it multiple times (max 10, with optimal use). It comes with a charging base. 

3. High Quality Grill Brush

Our Pick: Grill Rescue Grill Brush with Scraper


Official site: 

Did you know that cheap grill brushes can be dangerous?

They contain wire bristles that can break off and remain on the grill grate. Eventually they can end up in the food you are cooking, and, when ingested, cause damage to your stomach or intestines.

The Grill Rescue grill brush, on the other hand, has no harmful wire bristles, and it uses steam to clean your grill by absorbing water and releasing the steam when in contact with the hot grill grate. Forceful brushing and scrubbing is not used. The cleaning head of the brush is removable and can be washed in the dishwasher. The grill brush also features a durable handle and thick scraper made of brushed stainless steel.

4. Smart Meat Thermometer

Our Pick: MEATER Block Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer


Official site: 

All raw meats can carry harmful bacteria.

That’s why it’s crucial it’s properly cooked. This is where a meat thermometer comes in handy. Using a meat thermometer is the only reliable way to tell when your meat is done. There are thousands of meat thermometers on the market, but MEATER wireless smart meat thermometers are among the best meat thermometers. And, most importantly, they are fun to use!

Our favourite is the MEATER Block. The set includes 4 probes which you insert into the meat and a charger block with a built-in WiFi repeater. The smart thermometer features a Standalone Mode — an OLED display and speakers — which can be used if you want to cook without using the app.

How does it work? (If you use the app; not necessarily)

  • Stick the probe into the meat. Make sure the probe is placed in the thickest part of the meat.
  • Automatic notifications will let you know when to remove the meat from heat. 

Yeah, it really is that simple.

Apart from that, the app knows temperatures and cooking times for all cuts of meat. It also allows you to select desired level of doneness. No guess work. The app shows progress and real-time graph of internal temperatures of your meat. All of that makes it one of the most unique barbecue gifts.

The probes are made with food grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Check out the MEATER YouTube channel to learn more.

My BBQ Table set

My BBQ Table set

5. Meat Shredding Claws

Our Pick: DALSTRONG Meat Shredding Claws


Official site: 

There are plenty of budget meat claws you can choose from.

But if you are looking for premium meat claws, and, also, cool gifts for grilling, our absolute favourite is the durable DALSTRONG meat shredding claw set. These meat claws are expertly crafted out of tempered stainless steel and feature a durable, heat-resistant handles.

Handling and shredding hot meat can be messy. It can also be dangerous unless you are using special utensils called “meat claws”. Meat claws are claw-like tools which are used to safely handle, shred and carve hot meat. Shredding the meat with meat claws is faster, safer and more effective than with knife and fork.

Use one meat claw to hold a piece of meat in place, and the other — to carve or shred it. Or, use both claws to transfer hot and heavy cuts of meat from grill to plate. You can use meat claws to slice large fruit like watermelons or melons, or use them for tossing salads.

Do not forget that meat claws are sharp, so handle with care.

6. Stainless Steel Grilling Kit 

Our Pick: Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe Grill Set


Official site: 

Grills, especially charcoal grills, can get very hot.

Hence, one of the most popular tips for safe grilling is to use special accessories with long handles. The most popular grilling tools are: barbecue skewers, a barbecue fork, steel tongs, a BBQ spatula, a silicone basting brush, a BBQ multi-tool, a meat injector and a meat thermometer.

Rather than buying grilling tools by the piece, opt for a grilling tool set. Thus you’ll never be without the right utensil for the job. One of our favourite grilling tool sets is the Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set. It’s a 20-piece set which includes 5 BBQ skewers, a spatula, grill tongs, a silicone basting brush, 8 corn holders, cleaning brush, replacement brush head, and digital temperature fork with an alarm. 

The set comes in an aluminum storage case.

7. Heat Resistant Gloves

Our Pick: MOUNTAIN GRILLERS BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves


Official site: 

As you know, charcoal grills can get very hot.

To protect yourself from the heat and flames, wear heat resistant gloves when cooking. Also you will be handling hot food, pots and pans. Heat resistant gloves will come in handy.

The Mountain Grillers BBQ gloves are among our favourites.  

These are durable, heat resistant gloves, with a slip resistant, textured surface. The gloves have a good level of heat resistance. You can handle hot meat without getting burnt. As the gloves have a slip resistant surface, you can be sure your meat won’t end up on the floor. And most importantly, you will make your BBQ lover friend happy without breaking your bank (if you are looking for a present for a friend).

The Mountain Grillers BBQ gloves are a good budget BBQ gift idea.

8. Leather Culinary Apron

Our Pick: Leaseek Heavy-Duty Leather Multifunctional Apron


Culinary apron is a must when cooking a lot.

And leather cooking aprons are one of the best options for BBQ enthusiasts. Not only they look cool and stylish, but also they protect the clothes from flame and spatter really well. One of out favourites is the Leaseek Heavy-Duty Leather Apron. 

It is made of heavy duty split cowhide leather and sewn with heat resistant thread. It has 6 pockets for tools and accessories. What we like the most about this apron is that it is versatile. You can use it not only when grilling, but also in the kitchen and even in the workshop. One apron for so many tasks!

Finding interesting gifts for BBQ enthusiasts can be difficult. We hope this article will help you to find the best BBQ gifts for your friend (or yourself)!

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