What Can You Cook On My BBQ Table?

What Can You Cook On My BBQ Table?
What Can You Cook On My BBQ Table?

What kind of food can you cook on a charcoal grill?

The short answer is — just about any food.

For My BBQ Table sets we use charcoal grills, and charcoal grills are well-known for versatility. They are easy to use and can be used for all kind of foods and occasions. You can use one for anything from breakfast with family to full-on BBQ party with friends, cooking anything from steaks and burgers to fruits and light veggie snacks. And with a My BBQ Table set a lot can be done simultaneously.

See the ideas below for inspiration.

What Can You Cook On My BBQ Table?

Full-On BBQ Party

My BBQ Table set is the perfect choice for a full-on BBQ party.

And also one of the best gifts for BBQ lovers. The table is spacious, and can comfortably seat a group of people. The grill itself is large enough for a group of people to cook multiple foods simultaneously. Meat, fish, seafood, veggies or even fruit. Place steaks and meat on one corner of the grill, veggies in the other, and a frying pan in the middle. 

Everyone’s happy as everyone is getting their favourite food.

Breakfast / Sunday Brunch

You can also cook your breakfast on My BBQ Table.

Just remember that it takes some time for the grill to heat up, some 15 – 20 minutes. See our guide to starting a charcoal grill, to make it as easy and effortless as possible. Accordingly, it’s going to be a slow breakfast. Enjoy it with a newspaper or a book, or spend it chatting with your loved ones or friends. You can also turn it into a very long breakfast, as a 2-kilo packet of charcoal briquettes is enough to keep it going for up to 5 hours.

What breakfast foods can you cook on My BBQ Table?

Almost anything works. You can grill some sausages, veggies and bread. You can also use a pan to make an omelette on a grill. Heat the pan, and pour eggs and veggies as you normally would. Next to the pan, lie out sausages and some more vegetables.

Breakfast on a grill

Preparing breakfast on a charcoal grill

Making your breakfast tea or coffee on a grill also is possible.

Wait until the grill is hot enough. Pour water in a little pot and boil it. Put some tea or coffee and let it simmer for a better, stronger taste. You can keep your tea warm on a grill.

Food to Cook On a Charcoal Grill (My BBQ Table)

What’s the best food to cook on a grill?


Cooking with charcoal has its advantages.

Oh, the deep smoky flavour, we love it so much!

The food cooked on a charcoal grill has a unique deep smoky flavour to it. This is especially nice when cooking meat and fish, and for many it’s one of the top reasons to choose a charcoal BBQ grill. You can also enhance the taste of your food by adding herbs, dried citrus peels for a subtle zing, or by mixing charcoal with some firewood.

There are different types of BBQ smoking woods to choose from. Each type of wood create a different flavour. Experiment with different types to decide which you like the best.

What kind of meat you can grill on a charcoal grill? 

Here are some mouth-watering ideas for your next grill party:

  • Steak
  • Ribs
  • BBQ pulled pork
  • Meat on skewers
  • Pork chops
  • Charcoal grilled hamburgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Barbecued beef brisket
  • Barbecued chicken (see grilled chicken sandwich recipe)
  • Turkey breast

See our favourite homemade chicken marinades and easy dips.

Grilling meat on My BBQ Table

Grilling meat on My BBQ Table


Grilled seafood tastes amazing. 

Some even believe that it tastes better when cooked on a grill.

Fish, prawns, lobster, crab and other seafood can be easily cooked on a grill.

Some of the best fish to grill are tuna, salmon, cod, sea bass and red snapper. Choose which type of fish cut you want to prepare — fillet, steak or whole fish. 

Cooking whole fish requires least work and preparation, and is beautiful to serve. However, it is quite difficult to eat. Grilling fish on skewers is a great option too. It will take some time to prepare them, but it’s worth it, as it’s both easy to eat and also looks great on a plate. You can add chunks of onions, pineapples, bell peppers or other veggies in between the fish chunks.

Do you love mussels? Mussels grilled on a bed of pine needles are amazingly delicious — the aroma alone is to die for, and the taste is heavenly.

Vegetables and Healthy Snacks

Everything from roasted veggies to fried bananas.

Here are some examples of healthy snacks you can cook on a grill:

  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Grilled avocado with tomatoes and herbs
  • Grilled cabbage
  • Grilled baby potatoes with rosemary
  • Grilled whole cauliflower
  • Grilled glazed pineapple
  • Grilled figs with crème fraiche and honey
  • Grilled bananas with chocolate coating (you can melt chocolate on the grill, in a small saucepan)

Grilled Pizza

It may surprise you, but you can actually make a pizza on a grill.

It’s quite easy, really. 

Especially if you’re going to use a ready made pizza base.

Put the dough or the pizza base on the pan or directly on the grill grates (they must be greased) cook it on both sides. Take it off, cover with a little bit of olive oil, then cover it with tomato puree. Sprinkle on your toppings, ending with cheese. If you use meat, it must be pre-cooked. Finish cooking on the grill or pan.

Vegetarian Food

What vegetarian foods can you cook on a grill?

There are countless options of delicious vegetarian foods you can make on a charcoal grill. Grill vegetables for salads. Make veggie burgers or plant based Beyond burgers. Make a grilled cheese sandwich. Grill the bread on both sides, and cheese separately from the bread, then assemble the sandwich. 

Grilled halloumi cheese is delicious.

Grilled mushroom sandwiches are delicious, too.

You can also make a veggie pizza on a grill.

It’s easy and delicious.

In short — just about any food can be cooked on a grill.

For more tips see our Charcoal Grilling 101.

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